Your Trusted Home Pest Control Company in Grand Haven, MI

Nothing is worse than spotting a rogue mouse, snake, or other creepy creature in your home or business. Not only are they simply unpleasant to see, they’re also a threat to hygiene and food safety. Prevent illness in your family, employees, or clients by scheduling comprehensive, year-round services with our commercial and home pest control company in Grand Haven, MI.

Comprehensive Residential and Commercial Pest Control Services

Whether you’re fighting an ant infestation or you need home termite treatment, our skilled technicians are here to help clear out any and all pests from your home or business. Two of our most common services are mosquito and termite remediation.

Mosquito Abatement Program

Mosquitoes are not only unpleasant; they can spread disease as well. Our mosquito abatement program is intended to reduce the mosquito population around your property. Our technicians treat the landscaping and foundation with a residual adulticide that kills full-grown mosquitoes. In addition to regular treatment, we provide one-time mosquito control services for weddings, outdoor parties, and more.

Home Termite Treatment

Termites have the ability to wreak havoc on a home or commercial building. Any place you have wood in your home is at risk when you have a termite or carpenter ant infestation. This is especially serious when your building uses wood framing and other integral features of the building’s construction. We provide home termite treatment to remediate the problem and prevent further damage.

Ant Infestation - Pest Removal

Convenient Services Year-Round

Flexible Scheduling

We understand that most of our clients are busy with work, families, and social lives, so we make sure to provide flexible scheduling that works around your needs. We also provide monthly, quarterly, and annual pest control services.

Specialized Billing

Home pest control needs are drastically different from commercial needs. The same is true of billing systems, so we have separate codes and services for each type of client. In addition, we offer different specialized services to cater to the needs of your property.

Working with Insurance Companies

Our insurance coverage meets or exceeds what is commonly required. This includes liability and workers compensation insurance. We also provide detailed reports for your documentation purposes.

Contact us when you’re in need of comprehensive pest control services. We proudly serve clients throughout the Grand Haven, Michigan, area.